Oxygen Absorber 30cc Retail Pack 400bags

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Oxygen Absorber 30cc Retail Pack 400bags

Product Description 

MeLa Group Oxygen Absorber product completely absorbs oxygen in the package and significantly extends the best-before date of packaged foods or other products by the oxidizing reaction of iron powder. It prevents mold growth, discoloration and oil oxidation and helps preserve the fragrance and flavor.

Product Code

Nominal oxygen capacity (ml)

Nominal oxygen capacity (ml)

Dimension of absorber (mm)

Number per Carton 

U-20 20 100 30x38 10,000
U-30 30 150 30x40 10,000
U-50 50 250 40x40 6,000
U-100 100 500 40x45 4,000

Amount to use depends on the oxygen volume of the void space (the space not occupied by the food/goods) in a package. Oxygen presents in 20% of air volume. 

If the void space is 100 ml, it contains 20 ml of oxygen. Hence, a packet of U-20 will suffices.

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