Silica Gel 100% Orange 15kg

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15,000.00 Grams
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Silica Gel 100% Orange 15kg

Silica Gel Direct's 100% orange silica gel in bulk for industrial purposes is a highly activated adsorbent available in a wide range. Its typicaly used to provide moisture adsorption in a variety of industrial applications.

Silica Gel has a very strong affinity for water and will adsorb it in preference to most other substances. It is also a good adsorbent for HCl, gasoline range hydrocarbons, CO2, Cl2, sulfur and nitrogen compounds, aromatics, and many others.


  • Natural gas dehydration
  • Packaged gas and liquid dehydrators
  • High pressure gas drying cartridges
  • Liquid petroleum gas dryers
  • Scientific Applications
  • Dynamic drying of refrigerants
  • Organic liquid drying
  • Decompostion of chemicals 
  • Mining 
  • Construction
  • Is chemically inert, non-corrosive, and non-toxic
  • No smell
  • High Crush Strength
  • Has relatively high capacity for moisture at temperatures below 25°C with relative humidity above 40%
  • Remains dry even when fully saturated
  • Does not form by-products