Silica Gel Direct is Australia's premier desiccant online store for all your active packaging needs. We sell a wide range of desiccants, silica gel and other cargo protective packaging to all corners of the globe.

Silica Gel Directs mission is to offer the largest most affordable range of active packaging to all Australians. Our direct business model cuts out all the 'middle men' and ensures our customers always get the best deal!

If you buy a desiccant product from a retail store or packaging company the supply chain could look something like this:



*Indicative diagram only. Some businesses may operate differently

By cutting out the 'middle men' and working directly with our factories overseas, we can tailor make and provide the greatest quality of desiccants, active packaging and cargo protective products to the Australian market.

Luke Sanders is the founder and director of Silica Gel Direct. 

We will continue to grow our range of protective and active packaging. For updates on new products please subscribe to our newsletter.