Container Desiccant 500gm

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Container Desiccant 500gm

Silica Gel Directs 500gm container desiccant is a high performance clay based desiccant capable of absorbing more than 65% of moisture relative to its weight (90% RH & 37ºC). This highly absorbent clay is activated by Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) to ensure this superior performance. The innovative design allows water vapour to enter the interior of the bag easily, where it is transformed into a mud like substance and will not leak, escape or spill. Our container desiccant is specially formulated for use in shipping containers or storage.

Manufactured and packed under controlled conditions, we ensure you are ready to use a high quality dry desiccant.

On removing the desiccant from its protective packaging and placing it in your container, it will immediately start absorbing free moisture from the air inside your container. The relative humidity is reduced, therefore preventing the condensation cycle.

Affordable desiccant that works. 

We recommend under normal circumstances to use 16kg per 20' container

Container Desiccant 500gm Specifications  

Single Layer Tyvek Bag
Bag Dimension 
32 bags per carton

For large orders please contact our office on 1300 784 984

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