Desiccant Tyvek 50gm 48 per retail pack

Silica Gel Direct

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Our 50gm bentonite/montmorillonite desiccants are made to the highest of standards and is the ideal product to protect your goods. Natural clay desiccants are the safest most environmentally friendly of all the desiccants. Very similar absorption ability to silica gel.


  • * Industrial applications
  • * Diagnostic equipment
  • * Medical devices
  • * Electronic equipment
  • * Optical instruments
  • * Manufactured goods


  • * Have superior performance capacity in a small size packet
  • * Provide odour and moisture adsorption
  • * Provide a non-dusting, non-linting design
  • * Exhibit high tear strength and puncture resistance — wet and dry. Silica Gel Direct sachets are made of medical grade, uncoated Tyvek® fabric.
    * They have high tear strength in all directions and is virtually puncture proof to eliminate the risk of leakage and product contamination. 
    * Silica Gel Direct sachets are unaffected by water or moisture and are as strong wet as it is dry. They will not rot or mildew. Demonstrate high water vapor transmission rate and controlled porosity
     * Are chemically inert.

Our products meet the highest GMP standards. We provide Microbiological tests of our products, that have be done by a TGA approved testing laboratory. Certificate of Analysis with every batch with full traceability of materials and lot numbers. We are also happy to work with you to provide stability testing to your requirements.

Product Specifications

       * Carton Quantity: 48bags
       * Packet Size: 120mm x 80mm
       * Bag Type: Tyvek