HIC 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60% 250 per tin

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Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) let you know if moisture within sealed environment is at an acceptable level.

Cobalt-free HIC do not contain heavy metals. These cards help monitor desiccant activity and are ideal for use with desiccants in any application where moisture control is critical.

Any color change from blue to pink indicates the moisture levels have changed bellow or above the required humidity levels. Our HIC have an accuracy of ±5% of relative humidity in each application. Keep away from water, steam, metals, and high temperatures as this can perfect the performane of the HIC. Reversible, but should be kept in sealed containers before use.

Cards can be used in electronics packaging, optical instrument packaging, bulk packaging, and in preservation of sensitive components.

250 cards per tin.