Silica Gel Orange 10gm 1000 per Carton

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10,000.00 Grams
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Our Silica Gel Direct orange indicating silica gel takes the guesswork out of when to refresh your desiccant. Orange silica gel will turn from orange to green when saturated. Orange silica gel is not impregnated with cobalt chloride, it is the latest product that can replace the blue silica gel indicator. 

Silica gel has the ability to absorb up to 40 percent of its weight at 90 percent relative humidity, and has the advantage of being used several times before losing its absorbing ability. When re-actived (dried out) the beads will go back to being orange.

All our orange silica bags are made out of a non woven material that are semitransparent it is mixed with white beads to keep costs down. 100% orange beads are available in our 15kg bulk only buckets.